2016  featured  artist

James  collins

         Jim’s earliest recollections are his love of drawing and coloring.  By the time he was twelve years old, he knew he wanted to have a career in the art field.  At age fifteen he had seen the “Draw Me Pirate” in a magazine and entered and was accepted to study illustration from Art Instruction Inc.  Two years later, he began college as an art major.  Four years later, in 1967 he graduated from Washington University in St Louis, Missouri with a BFA. 

          Jim majored in illustration with a minor in graphic design.  For approximately thirty years thereafter, Jim worked in the graphic arts field.  In the intervening years, Jim has kept his interest in painting and other media.  He has had gallery shows as a painter and won awards in juried shows.  In the last eight years he has also developed his skills as a woodcarver and pyrographer (wood burning).  In this capacity, he has won several ‘Best of Shows” and has won “Grand Champion” at the Western Washington State Fair in Woodcarving for the last two years. 

          Jim and his wife, Judy, are active and valued members of the Northwest Carvers Association.  Jim continues to have interest in several media.  As long as the eyes and hands cooperate, there will be something waiting to be challenged.

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