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*NOTE......northwest carvers assn. does not endorse or recommend these sites ~ the urls are provided for your convenience only ~  use at your own discretion 

                 ~~ CARVING  TOOLS  ~~

ASHLEY ILES TOOLS Rockler Super Store      Chipping Away        Fur & Feathers Woodcarving      Chris Pye Woodcarving         
AURIOU TOOLS Chris Pye Woodcarving    
BO-T KNIVES Woodcraft,      Little Shavers Woodcarving Supplies
COGELOW/PAINTER TOOLS   Henry Taylor Tools Unlimited      Wood Carvers Supply, Inc.
DEEPWOOD KNIVES Deepwoods Ventures
DENNY KNIVES/PALM TOOLS      Now made by Mike Shipley and labelled "OCCT Tools" Smokey Mountain Woodcarvers      Old Texas Woodcarvers Shop             Little Shavers Woodcarving Supplies     Mountain Woodcarvers.com            Chipping Away        Greg Dorrance Co.       Treeline USA
DIOBSUD FORGE KNIVES/PALM TOOLS/CHISELS Little Shavers Woodcarving Supplies      Fur & Feathers Woodcarving     Heritage Arts Studio
DOCKYARD MICRO TOOLS Old Texas Woodcarvers Shop       Woodcraft     Mountain Heritage Crafters      Chipping Away       Greg Dorrance Co.    Treeline USA
DUNKLE  KNIVES Little Shavers Woodcarving Supplies
FERGUSON KNIVES Little Shavers Woodcarving Supplies
FLEXCUT KNIVES/PALM TOOLS/TOOLS  Flexcut Tool Co.    Woodcraft       Rockler Super Store      Mountain Woodcarvers.com       Chipping Away    Wood Carvers Supply, Inc.   Woodcarvers Warehouse   Greg Dorrance Co.     Treeline USA
FROST KNIVES Woodcraft       Little Shavers Woodcarving Supplies     Mountain Woodcarvers.com       
HELVIE  KNIVES Old Texas Woodcarvers Shop     Fur & Feathers Woodcarving       Mountain Heritage Crafters     Mountain Woodcarvers.com       Chipping Away            Greg Dorrance Co.   Treeline USA
HENRY  TAYLOR TOOLS Henry Taylor Tools Unlimited     Woodcraft    Wood Carvers Supply, Inc      Lee Valley & Veritas
KERSHAW KNIVES Little Shavers Woodcarving Supplies
KIRSCHEN TOOLS Axminster Tool Company
KNOTTS KNIVES by COUSINS Knotts Knives          Woodcarving Supplies.com
LAMP BRAND KNIVES/TOOLS Wood Carvers Supply, Inc.
LEE FERGUSON KNIVES Lee Ferguson Handcrafted Knives
LYONS KNIVES Little Shavers Woodcarving Supplies     Smokey Mountain Woodcarvers 
MOORE CHIP CARVING KNIVES Old Texas Woodcarvers Shop     Chipping Away        Mountain Heritage Crafters      
MURPHY KNIVES Mountain Heritage Crafters       Little Shavers Woodcarving Supplies         Woodcarvers Warehouse       Greg Dorrance Co.         Treeline USA  
MURRAY KNIVES Little Shavers Woodcarving Supplies


NORTH BAY FORGE BENT KNIVES North Bay Forge       Little Shavers Woodcarving Supplies          
NOTTO KNIVES Little Shavers Woodcarving Supplies     Old Texas Woocarvers Shop
PFeiL TOOLS "SWISS MADE" & Knives Woodcraft    Wood 'N Wildcraft        Chipping Away
RAMELSON PALM TOOLS Fur & Feathers Woodcarving         UJ Ramelson Tools, Inc.       Chipping Away
REL KNIVES Little Shavers Woodcarving Supplies
SOLINGEN  Mountain Woodcarvers.com
SORBY Treeline USA
STUBAI PALM TOOLS Mountain Heritage Crafters     Mountain Woodcarvers.com        Stubai Direct Tool Catalog       Little Shavers Woodcarving Supplies       
TWO CHERRIES TOOLS Robert Larson Co.      Mountain Heritage Crafters     Mountain Woodcarvers.com    Chipping Away         Greg Dorrance Co.
WARREN KNIVES/PALM TOOLS Fur & Feathers Woodcarving      Mountain Heritage Crafters   Little Shavers Woodcarving Supplies          Chipping Away        Greg Dorrance Co.     Treeline USA
WAYNE BARTON CHIP CARVING TOOLS Fur & Feathers Woodcarving        Mountain Woodcarvers.com                     The Woodcarving Store    Greg Dorrance Co.     Wayne Barton
RON WELLS KNIVES Old Texas Woodcarvers Shop        Chipping Away          Mountain Woodcarvers.com      Little Shavers Woodcarving Supplies       

                     ~ ~ POWER  TOOLS ~ ~

ARBORTECH Woodcraft      The Woodcarving Store      Toolpost. Co.       Greg Dorrance Co.    Treeline USA
DREMEL Dremel.com       
FOREDOM Old Texas Woodcarvers Shop     The Duck Blind     Fur & Feathers Woodcarving      Greg Dorrance Co.       Treeline USA          Nedra Denison-Sawdust Connection                                        
KING ARTHUR King Arthur Tools        Chipping Away             Greg Dorrance Co.  
MASTERCARVER Wood Carvers Supply, Inc.        Fishcarver.com  
NSK Little Mountain Carving Supply    Woodchips Carving Supplies, Ltd.   Razertip Industries, Inc.            Greg Dorrance Co.  
OPTIMA PJL Enterprises        Mountain Heritage Crafters      Smokey Mountain Woodcarvers              Greg Dorrance Co.                    
PROXXON Chipping Away     Old Texas Woodcarvers Shop     Proxxon     Treeline USA         Woodchips Carving Supplies, Ltd      Greg Dorrance Co.    Treeline USA    Nedra Denison-Sawdust Connection
RAM Old Texas Woodcarvers Shop       Smokey Mountain Woodcarvers     Mountain Heritage Crafters         Woodchips Carving Supplies, Ltd.      Greg Dorrance Co.          Treeline USA
WeCHEER Old Texas Woodcarvers Shop     Mountain Heritage Crafters       The Duck Blind         Chipping Away       Wecheer Industrial Co. Ltd            Greg Dorrance Co.  

                       ~ ~ WOOD  BURNERS ~ ~

BURNMASTER Fishcarver.com
COLWOOD  Woodburning Tools by Colwood     Old Texas Woodcarvers Shop     Mountain Woodcarvers.com          Greg Dorrance Co.         
NIBSBURNER Fur & Feathers Woodcarving      
OPTIMA PJL Enterprises         Greg Dorrance Co.    
RAZERTIP Chipping Away       Wood Carvers Supply, Inc.         Wood 'N Wildcraft        Treeline USA       Greg Dorrance Co.          Nedra Denison-Sawdust Connection


WORK SHARP SYSTEM  Greg Dorrance Co.  
RAZOR SHARP WHEELS  Greg Dorrance Co.  


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