Everyone wants to enjoy the work of others!  Send us a picture of one (or more) of your carvings to add to this gallery.  For all levels of carvers including beginners.   Tell us about your carving and include your name and permission to use your e-mail address if you want it shown.   Send E-mail gif, bmp, or jpg images or snail mail photos. Send pictures  or images to the following address or use our e-mail:

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presented by Sig Mann

Sig Mann sends this from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.  It is carved from 2 pieces of Basswood with an Oak base.



presented by Miko Ianosic

Miko Ianosic is an accomplished carver from Romania.  These carvings are in Oak and finished with finishing wax.  The individual carvings range in size from an average of 44x27 cms to the largest one which is 100cm x 40cm.


presented by Roy Lou

This carving and the one below were done by Roy Lou, a Chinese artist of great talent.  Both carvings are done in Basswood and Camphor wood.

See below for more info


presented by Roy Lou

Roy Lou resides in the city of Dongyang, China.  He claims it is the woodcarving capital of all China.


presented by Fedor Ballakh

This presentation from Fedor continues on the path of his circus theme.  The Russian name of the carving does not translate into English.  It is carved from Basswood, Teak, Walnut, and Amaranth and is 25.5x21x29 cm in size. 



presented by JR Cadawas

This image was received from JR Cadawas who lives in Chicago, Illinois.  Mr. Cadawas carved this fine piece in Basswood.  Enjoy.




presented by Fedor Ballakh

We received this image from St. Petersburg, Russia from Fedor Ballakh, a fine sculptor who has visited our site with his work before.  This carving uses no stains, the colors are achieved by using different woods.  In this case Fedor used maple, beech, ottenkov(?), sapele, wenge, dark and light walnut , pear, and amaranth gluing the pieces together and then carving them.  Thank you Fedor for sharing this with everyone. 

"Peregrine Falcon"

presented by Sig Mann

This Falcon flew in from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.  Sig carved this piece from one piece of Tupelo.  It is painted with acrylics and was donated to a wildlife center.

"Brown Trout"

presented by Stewart Biddle

This 26 inch Brown Trout was  caught in New Zealand.  It is carved from Aspen and the rocks are from Maple.

"Doug & Andy"

presented by Will Hayden

Will finished these two who are all dressed up and ready for town.  Great caricature carvings from Vacouver, WA


presented by Fedor Ballakh

Another fine carving from St. Petersburg, Russia.  This one is 24x22x12.5 cms.  Fedor does excellent work.


"Sea Turtles"


presented by Del Martin

These two carvings (left & below) were carved by Del Martin.  The turtles are carved in walnut and mounted on a piece of driftwood.  The alligator is also carved in walnut but mounted on a branch.  Del lives in Pennsylvania.




presented by Dave East

This is the first carving done by Dave East.

  "My Daughter's Wedding"

presented by Brian Neufeld

Brian carved this plaque to commemorate his daughter's wedding.  It is carved deep relief in birch.  Brian carves in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,  Canada

"Rainbow Trout"

presented by Stewart Biddle

These 18" Rainbow Trout are carved from Aspen and mounted on maple driftwood.




presented by Jerry Mose

Jerry is a Nigerian sculptor who majored in stone and wood carving.  He has 12 years experience.  He is presently in the United States



presented by Cecile Miller

This game board with the Startrek motif was sent by a beginner carver who's doing a fine job.  







presented by J.J. Lynes

Shown are three of the four sections of a 12'x10" fireplace mantel for a new home in Wisconsin.  The wood was harvested from Chicago's Navy Pier when it was dismantled.  The mantel has been completed and a finish applied but these are shown unfinished as the carving shows best without the glare of the finish.  Mr. Lynes carves in Mauston, Wi



"THE DAWN"   "Рассвет"

presented by Fedor Ballakh 

Fedor Ballakh has sent several carvings from St. Petersburg, Russia for your enjoyment.  This is again about children--he conceived this work so that young people, boys and girls will go to all that is good in the future, and be optimistic in life. (Translated from the original letter in Russian)  This carving is 36x54x21 cm


"FLUTE #60"  &  "FLUTE #61"

presented by Richard Mazza

Richard is a woodcarver from Puyallup, WA.  Flute #60 is carved from Canarywood with onyx inlay, it has a 3/4" bore tuned to the Key of "G" mode 1 & 4.  Flute #61 (bottom) is carved from Granadillo wood.  The fetish is carved Cottonwood Bark.  It has a 1" bore tuned to the Key of "E" mode 1 & 4.


presented by Steve Brosque

Steve carved these ducks from basswood.  He has been carving about ten years.


presented by Roger Foote

This beautiful little Snowy Owl was sent from New York.  Roger is a carver with 30 yrs experience.  The Owl is carved in Basswood and finished with Golden acrylic paints.


"with love to the art of VanGogh"

presented by Anatoliy Obeletz

"Sunflowers" was sent to us from the South Ukraine by a gifted carver.  This piece is 52x38 cm and is done in Pine in a mosaic manner started by Anatoliy Obeletz, who is called the Ukrainian Van Gogh by his compatriots.




presented by Gordon DeYoung

Gordon lives in Grants Pass, OR & made this sign for his brother's business.  He used 9 Incense Cedar 4x6x8 planks,   each one sealed w/two part epoxy for waterproofing & for sealing the Cedar.  It is finished with 9 coats of tung oil based paint and attached to 8x8 Incense Cedar posts.



presented by Bill Underwood

This unique root sculpture of Ring Neck Pheasants comes to us from New York.  Underwood has started to carve more interpretative sculptures  and enjoys working with the natural shapes found in root wood.  This sculpture is done in Cyprus root.  He also sent the images below.


presented by Bill Underwood

This drake is carved as a solid body in Basswood and won Best in Show at Lancaster, Pa.  Underwood  strives to make each piece as realistic as possible. “His goal  is to capture the spirit of each creature in   all his sculptures”.



"ARCHER"                       "CELLIST"                    " READY TO FLY"

presented by Fred Zavadil

This carver has sent these images for your enjoyment from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.  All of his carvings are consistent first place winners.  These were 1st, 2nd, and 3rd BEST of SHOW in the Woodcarving Congress Show in Davenport Iowa.  All three of these are carved from Basswood and stained.  The Cellist was stained after it had the color applied.  Fred mixes his own stains from artist oils.



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