Caril Chasens   Hazelton, BC Canada   Bill Russell  Lockport, NY   
  Original sculpture, Tutorials, Ideas, Links Santas, caricatures, galleries  
    Dave Disselbrett   Salem, OR    Robert Stadtlander,   Wellsville, NY  
  Caricatures, Classes   Commissions, Classes, Relief Carvings  
    Eric Haban   Manitowoc, WI   Jo H Wagner East Glacier Park, MT  
  Signs, Fish, Decoys, Custom Spiral Spoons, Carved woodenware  
   Brian Millspaw  Federal Way, WA   Robert Waits   St. Lander, WY  
  Artistic sculpture/ historical reproductions    Woodspirits, Bears, Chainsaw,Custom   
  Brian Neufeld   Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada   Rick Wiebe  Westbank, BC, Can  
  Carvings for all occassions Caricatures, Fan-feathered birds  
    Tony Rizzutto  Tigard, OR    
  Santas, Cowboys, Caricatures    


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